bow ties
are cool;
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Rule #400: Always waste time when you haven't got any!

I'm called the Doctor. I'm a time-traveller, a hoper of far-flung hopes and a dreamer of improbable dreams. Bit of a madman, admittedly, but at least I'm far more exciting than lamps and vegetables.
So what are you waiting for?
Come along, Tumblr.
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(ooc: today, I officially met my cat’s mortal enemy. The cat that has taunted my cat for many years by simply sitting outside our house. The cat that has caused me to be woken up at 3AM with angry hissing and growling. Today, she finally let me get close to her.

….and I pet her and told her she was a pretty kitty. *g*)

posted 22 Jul 2013 @ 17:55
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