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So I’m going to do my Doctor Who Tumblr Fondest memory here.

Because I think you guys will appreciate it more than the people following my currently majorly inactive regular blog will. So yes, this is out of character. Kinda.

But this year I am actually creating a Doctor Who Tumblr Fondest Holiday Memory— in all aspects of the word— because Rory is coming here! Not for Christmas, granted, for New Year’s (see: Who Year’s) weekend, but it’s still a holiday memory that will be in the making. We’re exchanging Christmas gifts. My family’s decorations will still be up (TWO TREES!). It counts, gorramit! 

She was going to come and visit this past summer, but complications came up (see also: she got horribly ill) and wasn’t able to make it, so we’ve rescheduled for the biggest Whovian bash of our lives. Well, of my life. The vast majority of my friends here aren’t nearly as excited about Doctor Who as I am, but clearly Rory and I are as, well, look at us. She’s in my phone as Roranicus Pondicus and I’m in hers as THE DOCTOR (all caps). It’s pretty extraordinary.

But yes. That will be possibly one of the fondest holiday memories I’ll have had in a long time. :) I almost never do anything special for New Years anymore, but this year will be a BLAST!

We’ll do a shout-out video, in matching Whovian shirts and our bow ties.

It will be an event to remember.

posted 11 Dec 2011 @ 01:02