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Through crimson stars and silent stars and tumbling nebulas like oceans set on fire -- through empires of glass and civilizations of pure thought and a whole, terrible, wonderful universe of impossibilities.

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   ”Wednesday like— like what we did today?”
                     (Was it Wednesday?)

           ”Or— or Wednesday like… with
            me here?” Seemed more likely.
            She wouldn’t have counted on
            the Doctor to keep track of the
            days of the week. She hadn’t
            been. Not for several weeks now.

 ”Hang on— good long or bad long?”

        “——  Not like that. I
        didn’t mean it like that.”

        He looks at her briefly, gauging her expression.
        Did she honestly think he’d be unhappy with her
        here? The very thought of it almost makes him
        laugh. Almost. Instead, he just ducks his head a
        little as he explains,

        “It’s not something that’s good or bad. I just
        meant- it’s been long… for you, in particular.”



            “… What are you wearing?”

         ”It’s my thinking cap. I wear it when 
         there’s a particularly vexing problem
         on hand.”



   ”No maybe. …Sometimes.”

       In his defence, he’s trying
       very hard not to laugh.

                “What’s your name?”


"This is the coolest ship ever.”


"I wonder where we’d end up if we went down the laundry chute."


        [ he probably already knows the
        answer, but he asks anyway— ]

                      ”Want to find out?”



   ”You can be whatever kind of grump you like.
     As long as you tell me what’s bothering you.

                   You know, besides the cat thing.”

       ”I suppose it’s just been a very long Wednesday.”

       It had been a couple of months now — probably the longest
       Clara’s gone on the TARDIS without asking to be dropped off
       back at her home until the next time. He might be dreading it,
       a little.

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Don't you go tellin me nothin. Man seen war don't come back unscathed. Whatcha got hiding behind those big smiles?

For the next hour, my muse will have to answer every question that comes into my ask HONESTLY.

       A Cheshire grin moulded and twisted into a snarl.